About Us

We are small family business and we want to have fun with you and explore colours, designs and ideas together.

The idea for CoolShoes website came up when we tried to find shoes for myself and our two kids. We wanted something different, interesting, colourful and fun, but we couldn't find anything that we liked. Then we came up with the idea to make and design our own shoes like we imagined. We had so much fun creating and enjoyed the time we spent together as a family. We were so proud wearing the shoes that we had made ourselves and everyone wanted to know where we got them?

We want to share this feeling with you. You can have fun, by creating and enjoy spending time with family and friends too.

We have picked the best products for you to explore and create your own shoes as you want and like. Just give your canvas shoes a unique and cool look by adding your very own style with our wide range of stencils, colour with our fabric markers and add texture with our 3D paints and sprays. You can paint, spray and doodler on your canvas shoes any way you want. Your ideas become a reality with every touch!

You can find inspiring ideas on our website with step-by-step instructions on how to make your shoes and clothing stand out from the crowd. It is so easy and fun to style and glam them up with our products.

Enjoy wearing and sharing ideas with your friends, classmates or colleagues. You're the one who makes your shoes look Cool. Wear them with pride and be unique your own way.

You can also book a Cool Shoes party or give as a gift to someone you know.