Black with spots

Black with spots


Design and own your style. These black canvas shoes can be yours in easy few steps. And everyone will notes them

To design them you will need white canvas shoes, black markers, 3D paint, masking tape and something to cover the working area.

1. You will need to take out the shoelaces from your canvas shoes, stick the masking tape along the side of the sole.  Do not forget to cover your working area.

2. Colour in all the shoe in black. Start with smaller tip marker around the edges and finish with the biggest marker to cover all areas.

3. When the whole shoe is covered in black, do the same with second shoe. Now you can do the same with the colour to the sides and around the eyelets and shoe edges. We used Fabric marker neon 6 pack.

4. Now your canvas shoes are ready for 3D paint. Squeeze the small amount of paint on the shoe surface, by doing small spots.

Let dry for 4 hours.

Now they are ready to wear!

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