Fun to create new designs

Fun to create new designs


Have fun with Tulip Fabric Markers by creating fun and cool designs

Tulip Fabric Markers will unleash your creativity with their intense, vibrant colours! Give your canvas shoes a unique and cool look by adding colours and ideas. With every touch you are creating your own look and style. Tulip fabric products are perfect for you, to own your style and have fun too. By drawing and wearing shoes and clothes which you created yourself.

You can count on these easy-to-use nontoxic Fabric Markers for true, permanent colour that lasts.

Easy to use for all ages, Tulip Fabric Markers are available in a variety of fun & fresh colour palettes ranging from 3 markers to 20!


Fabric Permanent Markers

Easy-to-use nontoxic markers

Available in 6, 12 and 20 pack


If tip of marker becomes dry, dip in water to reactivate.Create watercolour effects by brushing water onto fabric then applying colour, or after applying colour to fabric, before colour has dried. While colour is still wet, other colours can be blended into design to create shading and new colours.

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