Transition colours shoes

Transition colours shoes


Enjoy exploring colours by spraying them on your canvas shoes. You can create any colour combination you want and like. Just check out our transition colour shoes.

To have these transition colour canvas shoes you will need. Pair of white canvas shoes, colour sprays, masking tape and something to cover the working area.

1. You will need to take out the shoelaces from your canvas shoes, stick the masking tape along the side of the sole.  Do not forget to cover your working area.

2. Try your colour spray before spraying on your shoes. You can try it on a scrap fabric or paper towel.

3. We will be starting from the front and spraying in yellow colour.

4. Next colour will be blue followed by green and finished with black.


5. Let them dry for 4 hours. When the paint is dry take the masking tape from the shoes. To clean around the sole use nail polisher and cotton.

Have fun wearing shoes made by you!

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