• 3D Confetti Glitter 3 pack
  • 3D Confetti Glitter 3 pack
  • 3D Confetti Glitter 3 pack

3D Confetti Glitter 3 pack


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Tulip Fabric 3D Paint Confetti Glitter 3 pack have multiple colours  in each bottle. They contains reflective flakes of glitter for a dazzling, sparkling effect.  Sparkle your canvas shoes and enjoy wearing them.

Tulip Three Dimensional Fabric Paint is a leading brand for customizing shoes and clothes, creating three dimensional designs and embellishment projects. 

Tulip Fabric Paint has a superior formula that maximizes adhesion to fabrics whilst staying durable. These paints come in a squeezable 22 ml bottle with a precision nozzle to allow accuracy and detailed work.



Multiple glitter colours in each bottle


Permanent and machine washable

Won't crack or peel

Tip is designed for optimal paint flow for each finish

Easy-squeeze bottle

Pack of 3 bottles by 22 ml 

Let dry for 4 hours.



Hold the dimensional paint bottle in your hand like a pencil.

Tap bottle firmly, tip downward, on hard surface. Flush out bottle by squeezing out a small amount of paint, and wiping tip clean.

For raised line work, hold the bottle at an angle to the fabric, allowing more paint to escape. For flat line work, hold bottle straight up and down, allowing less paint to escape. Practice your line work on paper towels.

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